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Geometry of Incompatible Deformations

Differential Geometry in Continuum Mechanics

This monograph provides a systematic treatment of differential geometry in modeling of incompatible fiite deformations in solids. Included are discussions of generalized deformations and stress measures on smooth manifolds, geometrical formalizations for structurally inhomogeneous bodies, representations for configurational forces, and evolution equations.

Author Information

Sergey Lychev and Konstantin Koifman, Institute for Problems in Mechanics of Russian Academy of Science, Russia.


"This monograph is highly recommended for scholars and advanced graduate students working in areas of continuum mechanics and continuum physics, especially those with a focus on geometric methods. Applied mathematicians conducting research in nonlinear elasticity should nd the work particularly interesting and useful."
John D. Clayton in: Mathematical Reviews Clippings (2019), MR3931699

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Audience: Researchers in Mechanics, Physics, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science.