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Chemistry of the Non-Metals

Syntheses - Structures - Bonding - Applications

Series: De Gruyter STEM
In collaboration with: David Scheschkewitz

The current textbook is an excellent inroduction to the chemistry of the non-metallic elements. The book begins by reviewing the key theoretical concepts of chemical bonding and the properties of different bonding types. Subsequent chapters are focused on reactions, structures and applications of the non-metallic compounds. Combining careful pedagogy and clear writing style, the textbook is a must-have for students studying inorganic chemistry.

  • Gives thorough understanding of the chemistry of the non-metals.
  • Completely revised and expanded edition, reflecting the latest changes in inorganic chemistry.
  • Contains more than 800 references to original works.

Author Information

Ralf Steudel, Berlin, Germany; David Scheschkewitz, Saarland-University, Saarbrücken, Germany.
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Audience: Students in chemistry, physics, biology, materials science and medicine.