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Symbolism 2018

Special Focus: "Cranes on the Rise" - Functions of Metaphor in Autobiographical Writing

Series: Symbolism, 18
Edited by: Rüdiger Ahrens, Florian Kläger and Klaus Stierstorfer
In collaboration with: Katja Sarkowsky
This special issue of Symbolism: An International Annual of Critical Aesthetics explores the various functions of metaphor in life writing. Looking at a range of autobiographical subgenres (pathography, disability narratives, memoirs of migration, autofiction) and different kinds of metaphors, the contributions seek to ‘map’ the possibilities of metaphor for narratively framing an individual life and for constructing notions of selfhood.

Author Information

Rüdiger Ahrens, Uni Würzburg, Germany; Florian Kläger, Uni Bayreuth, Germany; Klaus Stierstorfer, Uni Münster, Germany.
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Audience: American Studies, Canadian Studies, Dutch Studies, English Studies, study of life writing/autobiography