Test Cover Image of:  Der endokrinologische Notfall

Der endokrinologische Notfall
Emergencies in Endocrinology

Edited by: Wilhelm Krone and Michael Faust

How do we quickly recognize and treat emergencies in endocrinology? Rapid diagnosis and appropriate therapy are critical to the outcome of such cases. This book offers practical instruction in the essential diagnostic and treatment approaches for managing endocrinological emergencies. It is intended for general physicians, internists, and emergency physicians.

  • Die wichtigsten Endokrinologischen Notfälle in Diagnose- und Theapiealgorhythmen
  • Praxisnah zur sofortigen Implementierung in den klinischen Alltag und in der Notfallsituation
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Audience: Internisten, Allgemeinmediziner, Notfallmediziner