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Manual of Romance Morphology and Word Formation

Edited by: Philipp Burdy, Sarah Dessì Schmid and Daniela Marzo
The volume gives an overview of current activity in the field of Romance morphology and word formation. It consists of two main sections: the first part treats cross-linguistic topics, while the second part presents morphological profiles of the individual Romance languages.
In the first part of the volume, we initially address definitional questions. We then focus on fundamental processes, mechanisms, and typical interfaces and interactions in the realm of morphology, e.g. the delimitation of inflection, derivation, and composition on the one hand and the relationship between morphology, phonology, and syntax on the other. The second main part of the volume systematically outlines the essentials of inflection and word formation in the individual Romance languages, beginning with a section dedicated to morphological innovations in Vulgar Latin. Each language profile also addresses important diachronic morphological issues. We further discuss aspects of inflection and word formation which are specific to individual Romance languages, and special features of non-standard varieties and dialects.

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Philipp Burdy, University of Bamberg; Sarah Dessì Schmid, University of Tübingen; Daniela Marzo, LMU Munich.
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Audience: Romanisten, Sprachwissenschaftler, Sprachtypologen, Bibliotheken, Institute