Test Cover Image of:  Diabetes Mellitus und Essstörungen

Diabetes Mellitus und Essstörungen
Diabetes Mellitus and Eating Disorders: Interdisciplinary Management of these Comorbid Conditions

Interdisziplinäre Behandlung dieser Komorbiditäten

Edited by: Tanja Legenbauer, Andrea Benecke and Manfred E. Beutel

What is the connection between diabetes and eating disorders? How can this understanding be applied to the consultation and treatment of patient with diabetes? Eating disorders are becoming more prevalent among diabetic patients and are associated with an increased incidence of secondary complications. This textbook advocates for the interdisciplinary treatment of diabetes.

  • Aktuelles Wissen zu den Komobiditäten Diabetes mellitus und Essstörungen
  • Praktische Hilfestellung zur interdisziplinären Beratung und Behandlung von Diabetespatienten
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Audience: Diabetologen, Diabetesberater, Diabetesassistenten, Ernährungsberater, Psychologen, Psychotherapeuten