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Voyages, Migration, and the Maritime World

On China’s Global Historical Role

Edited by: Clara Wing-chung Ho, Ricardo K. S. Mak and Yue-him Tam
This is a multi-author volume resulted from an international conference focusing on topics related to our understanding of the role of China in the global history. Apart from introductory chapters exploring methodological issues and providing big pictures of framing China in the world in particular time zones, this volume also covers rich discussions on the following themes from the ancient period to the twentieth century: organized water transport, cultural interactions, navigators, port cities, smuggling activities, customs service, foreign relations, migration, and diasporas. Written by scholars of different generations who are based in diverse regions including Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, the UK and the US, the chapters in this volume either address old questions from new perspectives, or table new topics that were largely ignored in previous scholarship. Some go further to brainstorm possible research directions in the future. This thought-provoking volume will be beneficial to readers who are interested in rethinking China's position in the global historical stage against the backdrop of Post-Orientalism.
This edited volume features 12 papers touching on China's long-established connection to the outside world, documenting the various processes and resulting dynamics produced by the movement of peoples, goods and cultures.

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Clara Wing-chung HO, Hong Kong Baptist University Ricardo King-sang MAK, Hong Kong Baptist University Yue-him TAM, Macalester College
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Audience: Scholars/students working on China/World history, with special interest in the maritime world.