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Diskursive Verfestigungen
Frozenness in Discourse: The Interfaces of Morphosyntax, Phraseology, and Pragmatics in German and in Contrast

Schnittstellen zwischen Morphosyntax, Phraseologie und Pragmatik im Deutschen und im Sprachvergleich

Funded by: Institut für Deutsche Sprache
Edited by: Laurent Gautier, Pierre-Yves Modicom and Hélène Vinckel-Roisin
The concept of frozenness has helped to shape recent lexicographic and phraseological research. The essays in this volume form a part of this current trend and examine discursive aspects of the problematics of frozenness and stability, including grammaticalization, lexicalization, and phraseology. Each essay explores phenomena of frozenness in discourse at the interface between pragmatics and morphology/syntax.

Author Information

L. Gautier, Univ. of Burgundy, Dijon; P.-Y. Modicom, Bordeaux Montaigne Univ., Bordeaux; H. Vinckel-Roisin, Paris-Sorbonne Univ.
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Audience: Linguists, German Teachers, Libraries, Institutes