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Semantics - Sentence and Information Structure

Series: Mouton Reader
Edited by: Paul Portner, Claudia Maienborn and Klaus von Heusinger
Read this book to get a deeper understanding of a wide range of semantics research on complex sentences and meaning in discourse. These in-depth articles from leading names in their fields cover the core concepts of sentential semantics such as tense, modality, conditionality, propositional attitudes, scope, negation, and coordination. The highly cited material, covers questions, imperatives, copular clauses, and existential sentences. It also includes essential research on sentence types, and explains central concepts in the theory of information structure and discourse structure, such as topics, cohesion and coherence, accessibility and discourse particles.
state of the art in linguistic semantics great number of distinguished scholars and experts in the field for the first time available as paperbacks

Author Information

Claudia Maienborn, Tübingen, Germany; Klaus von Heusinger, Köln, Germany; Paul Portner, Washington D.C., USA.


"It’s great news that this outstanding Handbook of Semantics is appearing in paperback, now accessible to individuals as well as to libraries. The Handbook is a masterful achievement, both broad and deep -- it has almost every topic you might want to learn about, in articles generally written by the people you would most want to learn from. A lasting reference work of the highest quality." (Barbara H Partee, University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
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