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Stereoselective Reactions and Applications in Organic Synthesis

Edited by: Maurizio Benaglia

Organocatalysis is considered today one of the three pillars in asymmetric catalysis, along with biocatalysis and organometallic catalysis. The current book gives an overview of the new reactions, the catalysts and their activation strategies reported in recent years. In addition, the applications of organocatalysis in total synthesis, radical reactions, flow chemistry and industrial practice are discussed.

  • Gives an overview of the latest developments in the area.
  • Explains the possibilities to combine organocatalysis with radical chemistry, photocatalysis and other technologies.
  • Contains two introductory chapters to guide newcomers in the field.

Author Information

Maurizio Benaglia, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy.

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Audience: Synthetic organic chemists from academia and industry, researchers in organic chemistry.