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Sceptical Paths

Enquiry and Doubt from Antiquity to the Present

Funded by: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Edited by: Giuseppe Veltri, Racheli Haliva, Stephan Schmid, and Emidio Spinelli
Open Access

Sceptical Paths offers a fresh look at key junctions in the history of scepticism. Throughout this collection, key figures are reinterpreted, key arguments are reassessed, lesser-known figures are reintroduced, accepted distinctions are challenged, and new ideas are explored.

The historiography of scepticism is usually based on a distinction between ancient and modern. The former is understood as a way of life which focuses on enquiry, whereas the latter is taken to be an epistemological approach which focuses on doubt. The studies in Sceptical Paths not only deepen the understanding of these approaches, but also show how ancient sceptical ideas find their way into modern thought, and modern sceptical ideas are anticipated in ancient thought. Within this state of affairs, the presence of sceptical arguments within Medieval philosophy is reflected in full force, not only enriching the historical narrative, but also introducing another layer to the sceptical discourse, namely its employment within theological settings.

The various studies in this book exhibit the rich variety of expression in which scepticism manifests itself within various context and set against various philosophical and religious doctrines, schools, and approaches.

Author Information

Giuseppe Veltri, Racheli Haliva and Stephan Schmid, Hamburg University, Germany, Emidio Spinelli, University of Rome, Italy.

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Audience: Ancient Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, Early Modern Philosophy, Epistemology, Jewish Philosophy