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Green Pulp and Paper Industry

Biotechnology for Ecofriendly Processing

Edited by: Amit Kumar, Puneet Pathak and Dharm Dutt
This book provides recent developments and future perspectives of pulp and paper processing based on biotechnology to replace conventional environmental unfriendly chemical processes. The use of microorganism and microbial enzymes in various processes such as bleaching, deinking, refining, dissolving pulp, debarking & pitch removal, slime control, wastewater treatment and waste material valorisation are discussed.
Summarizes recent developments for eco-friendly and cost-effective biotechnological processes in the pulp and paper industry. Discusses the use of microorganisms or enzymes for pulping, bleaching, deinking, pitch removal and more.

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Amit Kumar, Debre Markos Uni., ETH Puneet Pathak, Paper Mill Campus, Haryana, IND. Dharm Dutt, Indian Inst. of Tech., Roorkee, IND.
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Audience: Researchers and professionals in biotechnology, chemistry and chemical engineering