Test Cover Image of:  Band III/Teil 1  Urkunden zur Geschichte des Arianischen Streites 318-328

Lieferung 5 Bis zum Vorabend der Synode von Konstantinopel (381)
Through the Eve of the Synod of Constantinople (381)

Edited by: Annette von Stockhausen and Hanns Christof Brennecke
In collaboration with: Uta Heil and Christian Müller

Part 5 of the documents on the Arian controversy includes documents from the years 362–380. This phase was characterized by the process of theological differentiation that led, on the one side, to the creation and formation of neo-Nicene, and on the other, to the foundation of a separate anti-homousian church. Part 5 concludes with the start of the reign of Emperor Theodosius and the edict conctos populos.

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Hanns Christof Brennecke, University of Erlangen and Annette von Stockhausen, BBAW, Berlin, Germany.
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