Test Cover Image of:  Zwischen Ems und Elbe

Zwischen Ems und Elbe

1200 Jahre Kunst in Niedersachsen, Hamburg und Bremen

Urs Boeck’s survey undertakes nothing less than an integrated view of the art landscape of Lower Saxony, Hamburg, and Bremen since Saxony was incorporated culturally into the Frankish realm around 800, up to the World Expo in Hannover in 2000. As the former main conservator of Lower Saxony, Boeck confidently leads readers through the disparate art landscape between the Rhine and the Elbe, the North Sea and the Harz. With in-depth expert knowledge and an eye for the big picture, he sheds light on central artistic achievements in architecture, sculpture, and painting and classifies them within their temporal and spatial context. References to artistic events across national borders in Europe in particular make this book a unique reference work for art in Lower Saxony, Hamburg, and Bremen.

  • A unique survey of the art-historical development of Lower Saxony, Hamburg, and Bremen from 800 to the present


Audience: art historians, historians, travellers