Test Cover Image of:  Maki Na Kamura

Maki Na Kamura

Seen by a painter

Edited by: Galerie Knoell
Contributor: Florian Illies
In an inimitable and beguiling manner, Maki Na Kamura has developed a style in recent years that genuinely stems from the 21st century and nevertheless builds upon historical depths. As a conceptual artist she gets around the limitations and conventional definitions of the medium of painting. In her breathtakingly fine works, Maki Na Kamura also interweaves visions of European art history. We think we are seeing silk as the transparent colors softly peter out and yet give the paintings their forms. She marvellously shifts between periods, styles and a permanent questioning about certainties. The paintings in this catalogue are a response to Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, the illustrious French painter of the 19th century known for his mysterious works. Maki Na Kamura sensitively and challenging concentrates on the vibrant essence of the great Puvis – while leading her own enigmatic creations to new compositional and coloristic heights.