Test Cover Image of:  Akten zur Auswärtigen Politik der Bundesrepublik Deutschland


Compiled by: Mechthild Lindemann and Christoph Johannes Franzen
An IfZ-Publication

The year 1961 was dominated by the Berlin Crisis, which culminated in the construction of the Berlin Wall. A host of documents reveal the struggle to find economic and military measures to counter a blockade of access to Berlin. At the same time, there were debates about a NATO nuclear force, a European political union, and British participation in the EEC. Other salient topics were the Eichmann trial and competition with East Germany in Africa.

Mauerbau 1961: Der Höhepunkt der Berlin-Krise

Edition: 3 part vols.
Audience: Wissenschaftliche Institutionen und Forscher mit Schwerpunkt Zeitgeschichte, Politologen und Journalisten.