Test Cover Image of:  Nomaden und Sesshafte im spätantiken Nordafrika (3.-6. Jh.)

Nomaden und Sesshafte im spätantiken Nordafrika (3.-6. Jh.)
Nomads and Settled Populations in Late Antique North Africa, 200–600 CE: Cultural Continuities under Domination, from Rome to Byzantium

Kulturgeschichtliche Kontinuitätslinien im Spannungsfeld der Herrschaft von Rom bis Byzanz

The interaction between nomads and settled peoples can be viewed as "line of continuity" in cultural history that connects Roman, Vandal, and Byzantine North Africa. This study investigates military conflict, administrative integration, and economic interrelationships. It shows that states present in North Africa were politically dominant within a complex network of interrelationships, and that nomadism was an economic constant in the region.

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