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Objekte des Krieges

Präsenz & Repräsentation

Edited by: Romana Kaske and Julia Saviello

Military objects are popular items in literature and the fine arts, and have often been elaborately designed. However, the discussion of the artistic aspects of militaria is not only based on the relationship between the real, present artefact and the objects represented in the respective medium.The material properties, handling, and cultural inscriptions of the historic artefacts are often the basis of complex artistic redesigns and transformations, which in turn release the potential for the design of military artefacts.

Based on an interdisciplinary approach, the book is devoted to the dichotomous condition of objects of war and their representation in art and literature.

Author Information

Romana Kaske, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich;

Julia Saviello, Goethe University Frankfurt


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Audience: Academics (art history, cultural history, history)