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Chemistry of Nucleic Acids

Life in all its forms is based on nucleic acids which store and transfer genetic information. The book addresses the main aspects of synthesis, hydrolytic stability, solution equilibria of nucleosides and nucleotides as well as base modifications of nucleic acids. The author further describes their structural analogues used as therapeutic drugs, such as antivirals and anticancer agents, and prodrug strategies of nucleotides.

  • Gives an overview of the chemistry and biology of nucleic acids in an easy-to-grasp manner.
  • Explains the connection between the structure of nucleic acids and their ability to form triple helical and quadruplex frameworks.

Author Information

Harri Lönnberg, University of Turku, Finland.

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Audience: Students, Biochemists, Biophysisists, Organic Chemists, Pharmaceutical Chemists, drug developers.