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Romantik und Recht
Romanticism and Law: Law and Language, Legal Cases and Justice

Recht und Sprache, Rechtsfälle und Gerechtigkeit

Edited by: Antje Arnold and Walter Pape

After interest grew in legal cases and the criminal mind during the Enlightenment era, the understanding of law underwent a fundamental transformation in the romantic period. As Savigny put it, “The true site of law is the collective consciousness of the people.” This collection of essays by legal historians and literary scholars examines questions of crime and punishment in legal histories, legal practice, and literature.


"Complessivamente, il testo apre le porte ad una nuova intersezione tra discipline, al fine di comprendere al meglio il Romanticismo e soprattutto le riflessioni sul diritto dei suoi rappresentanti."
Giulia Valpione in: Symphilosophie 1 (2019), 191-203

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Audience: Literaturwissenschaftler, Kulturhistoriker, Rechtswissenschaftler