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The Etymology of Chemical Names

Tradition and Convenience vs. Rationality in Chemical Nomenclature

Continued: Rita Vostrup Senning

Etymology of Chemical Names gives an overview of the development of the current chemical nomenclature, tracing its sources and changing rules as chemistry progressed over the years. This book is devoted to provide a coherent picture how the trivial and systematic names shall be used and how the current IUPAC rules help to reconcile the conflicting demands.

  • Guides how to orientate in the world of the trivial and systematic chemical names.
  • Explains the differences between IUPAC and CAS nomenclatures.
  • Addresses the naming of drugs, minerals and agrochemicals.

Author Information

Prof. Dr. Alexander Senning, Frederiksberg, Denmark.


"Den bør derfor findes på ethvert kemisk bibliotek."
Carl Th. Pedersen in: Dansk Kemi 101.1 (2020), 25

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Audience: Chemists from academia and industry, students.