Test Cover Image of:  Wahrnehmen, fühlen, verstehen

Wahrnehmen, fühlen, verstehen
Perceiving, Feeling, Understanding: Metaphorization and Audio-Visual Images

Metaphorisieren und audiovisuelle Bilder

Series: Cinepoetics, 8

This book develops a transdisciplinary perspective at the interface between a linguistic study of metaphor focused on language use and a theory of audio-visual media as moving images rooted in film studies. Detailed analyses of different film formats – from Hollywood movies to political reportage – show how metaphorization is a filmic type of thinking structured by the performativity of audio-visual images.


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Audience: Film-, Medien- u. Kommunikationswissenschaftler, Linguisten (Angewandte u. Kognitive L.), Metaphern- u. Gestenforscher