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Der Nachlass Paul de Lagarde
The Legacy of Paul de Lagarde: Orientalist Networks and Anti-Semitic Connections

Orientalistische Netzwerke und antisemitische Verflechtungen

Edited by: Heike Behlmer, Thomas L. Gertzen, and Orell Witthuhn
Open Access

Based on the legacy and published works of the Göttingen orientalist Paul de Lagarde (1827–1891), the contributors to this volume undertake a historical inventory of his life and scientific work, including its political aspects, especially Lagarde’s anti-Semitism. Besides describing the history of German Ancient Near Eastern Studies, the book also furnishes a broader context against the backdrop of then-prevalent “völkisch” ideology.


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Audience: Wissenschaftler aus den Jüdischen Studien; Ägyptologen; Bibelwissenschaftler; Historiker