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Filmische Seitenblicke
Filmic Side Glances: Cine-Poetic Excursions into the Cinema of 1968

Cinepoetische Exkursionen ins Kino von 1968

Series: Cinepoetics, 7
Edited by: Hermann Kappelhoff, Christine Lötscher and Daniel Illger

Did 1968 fail? The question is misstated. For the significance and consequences of ’68 cannot be captured in a coherent narrative. That year appears as the point of culmination of a set of highly heterogeneous cultural, social, and political phenomena. Cinema, with its classics and gems to be (re-)discovered, proves to be a kaleidoscope that lets us perceive the fractures and contradictions of ’68.


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Audience: FilmwissenschaftlerInnen, KulturwissenschaftlerInnen, HistorikerInnen, wissenschaftlich interessierte Cinephile