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Coptica, Gnostica und Mandaica
Coptica, Gnostica, and Mandaica: Language, Literature, and Art as Media for Interreligious Encounters

Sprache, Literatur und Kunst als Medien interreligiöser Begegnung(en)

Edited by: Wolf B. Oerter and Zuzana Vitkova

The book presents the proceedings of the conference Coptica - Gnostica - Mandaica III held in Prague 2017. The volume consists of 14 articles on the specific themes of Coptic, Gnostic, early Christian, Manichean and Mandean literature as well as on Coptic language and iconography. Most of the articles are devoted to the 'meetings' of different kinds, including Pagan, Christian, Jewish, and Gnostic myths and translators.

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Zuzana Vítková and Wolf B. Oerter, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic.
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Audience: Coptology; Biblical Studies; Classical Studies; Theology; Religious Studies; Mandean Studies; Early Christian Studies