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Das Geschlecht in mir
The Gender within Me: Neuroscientific, Experiential and Theological Aspects of Transsexuality

Neurowissenschaftliche, lebensweltliche und theologische Beiträge zu Transsexualität

Edited by: Gerhard Schreiber

Leonore-Siegele-Wenschkewitz Prize 2017

In an unprecedented dialogue between neuroscience and biology as one partner and theology and church as the other, this book documents current research findings, engages opposing positions in dialogue, and opens a perspective for appropriate ethical, political, and legal engagement with transsexuality as a paradigmatic challenge in societal acceptance of sexual diversity.

Author Information

Gerhard Schreiber, University of Darmstadt, Germany.


"[...] ein Meilenstein in der Aufarbeitung dieses besonderen Phänomens Transsexualität unter einer sehr vielseitigen interdisziplinären Perspektive [...]"
Malte Heidemann in: textbaustelle Berlin http://www.berlinlektorat.com/buechertipps/gerhard-schreiber-hg-transsexualitaet-in-theologie-und-neurowissenschaften/
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Audience: Theologians, neuroscientists, sociologists, ethicists