Test Cover Image of:  Zeichentragende Artefakte im sakralen Raum

Zeichentragende Artefakte im sakralen Raum
Sign-bearing Artifacts in Sacred Space: Between Presence and Invisibility

Zwischen Präsenz und UnSichtbarkeit

Funded by: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Edited by: Wilfried E. Keil, Sarah Kiyanrad, Christoffer Theis and Laura Willer

Sign-bearing artifacts are immanent elements of sacred spaces in many cultures. Often, one encounters a phenomenon there that might be described as deliberate “invisibility,” the conscious “concealment” of artefacts and writing. The volume examines this interplay of presence and invisibility using the example of sign-bearing artefacts in sacral spaces in various religions in the Near East and Europe.


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Audience: Religionswissenschaft, Geschichte, Islamwissenschaft, Kunstgeschichte, Ägyptologie