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Wechselseitige Erwartungslosigkeit?
Mutual Absence of Expectations? The Churches and the Constitutional State – Past, Present, and Future

Die Kirchen und der Staat des Grundgesetzes – gestern, heute, morgen

Edited by: Hermann-Josef Große Kracht and Gerhard Schreiber

The relationship of the secular state to the churches was already a matter of conflict in the early post-war period – with regard to a possible “re-Christianization” of society. And after 1989, with the surge of secularization in the united Germany, the issue became even more contentious. The volume takes an interdisciplinary perspective to examine the reciprocal expectations of the Churches and the Constitutional State.

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Hermann-Josef Große Kracht and Gerhard Schreiber, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany.

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Audience: Theologen, Staatskirchenrechtler, Staats- und Verfassungsrechtler, Kirchengeschichtler, Gesellschaftswissenschaftler