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Band 2 Quantenmechanik
Quantum Mechanics: Volume 2

Translated by: Joachim Streubel, Jochen Balla, Karen Lippert, and Carsten Henkel

This classic work on quantum mechanics by Nobel laureate Cohen-Tannoudji and co-authors offers students a highly effective introduction to the principles and concepts of quantum physics. Each chapter consists of two independent parts: first, the basic concepts are presented and then deepened by means of numerous applications.

The work is suitable as a textbook and exercise book as well as a reference book.

  • Didaktisch überzeugendes Werk.
  • Verknüpft theoretische Themen mit ihren Anwendungen.
  • Bedient sich einer klaren Nomenklatur.
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    Edition: 5. Aufl.
    Audience: Studierende und Dozenten der Physik.