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On the Track of the Books

Scribes, Libraries and Textual Transmission

Edited by: Roberta Berardi, Nicoletta Bruno,  and Luisa Fizzarotti

This book offers the hint for a new reflection on ancient textual transmission and editorial practices in Antiquity.In the first section, it retraces the first steps of the process of ancient writing and editing. The reader will discover how the book is both a material object and a metaphorical personification, material or immaterial. The second section will focus on corpora of Greek texts, their formation, and their paratextual apparatus. Readers will explore various issues dealing with the mechanisms that are at the basis of the assembling of ancient Greek texts, but great attention will also be given to the role of ancient scholarly work. The third section shows how texts have two levels of authorship: the author of the text, and the scribe who copies the text. The scribe is not a medium, but plays a crucial role in changing the text. This section will focus on the protagonists of some interesting cases of textual transmission, but also on the books they manufactured or kept in the libraries, and on the words they engraved on stones. Therefore, the fresh voices of the contributors of this book, offer new perspectives on established research fields dealing with textual criticism.

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R. Berardi, Univ. of Oxford; N. Bruno, Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Munich and L. Fizzarotti, Univ. di Bologna.

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Audience: Classical scholars, editors, and all those interested in textual transmission.