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The Art of Vaulting

Design and Construction in the Mediterranean Gothic

Edited by: Paula Fuentes and Anke Wunderwald

Some of the highest and widest vault constructions produced in the Middle Ages are located in the Mediterranean area. Outstanding buildings with remarkable vaults and buttressing, such as the Cathedral of Majorca, are evidence of a lively technology transfer and contemporary developments.

International experts trace the complex processes of Medieval design and construction. They research structural patterns in the processes involved, analyze building methods, and relate their findings to historic documents. The approach of combining field research with the study of literary sources provides a fresh look at the impressive monuments and shines new light on technological advances and construction technology of the time.

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Paula Fuentes and Anke Wunderwald, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg.
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Edition: 4 Ausschlagtafeln (Zickzackfalz)
Audience: Architectual historians, art historians, historians