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Memory in Motion

Archives, Technology, and the Social

Series: Recursions
Edited by: Ina Blom, Trond Lundemo, and Eivind Røssaak
Sociology has long had approaches to describing the ways in which social memory is enacted through ritual, language, art, architecture, and institutions—phenomena whose persistence over time and capacity for a shared storage of the past was set in contrast to fleeting individual memory. But the question of how new media changes that equation is very much up in the air—how, in the age of digital computing, instant updating, and interconnection in real time, is social memory created and enacted? This collection offers a set of essays that discuss the new technology of memory from a variety of perspectives that explicitly investigate their impact on the very concept of the social.

Author Information

Ina Blom is professor in the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art, and Ideas at the University of Oslo. Trond Lundemo is associate professor in the Department of Cinema Studies at Stockholm University. Eivind Røssaak is associate professor in the Research Department at the National Library of Norway.


" Memory in Motion mobilizes a wide range of disciplinary concepts and debates on collective memory, but the effort to avoid mere juxtaposition compensates for the often dizzying diversity of the theoretical references. It also challenges the reader by the technicity of some of its close readings, but here as well one feels the strong editorial hand that helps understand the larger scope and stake of these analyses. As such, it is a highly valuable contribution to the increasing exchanges between memory studies, cultural studies, digital humanities and media archeology."
— Leonardo Reviews

Audience: Professional and scholarly;