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Post-Digital Strategies of Appropriation

Edited by: Michael Kargl and Franz Thalmair

Art between copy and original

In the context of digital technologies, copying data material is as ubiquitous as it is invisible. "originalcopy" is an artistic and scientific research project that illuminates the possibilities of this phenomenon, and opens them up for discussion with its own means – those of the copy.

The project concentrates on the tension between the transience of digital technologies and the way in which these technologies express themselves in an artistic language of design and materials. In so doing, "originalcopy" focuses less on the results of copying than on the processes that lead to these results.

  • Between copy and original – new artistic, investigative positions
  • Art between copy and original

Author Information

Michael Kargl, artist, researcher and art mediator

Franz Thalmair, curator, author and editor

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Audience: an Kunst, künstlerischer Forschung, digitalen Technologien interessierte Fachleute und Laien