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Einsamkeit und Pilgerschaft
Loneliness and Pilgrimage: Figurations and Enactments in Romanticism

Figurationen und Inszenierungen in der Romantik

Edited by: Antje Arnold, Walter Pape, and Norbert Wichard

Loneliness, a concept already discussed before 1800, is adapted as a cultural technique in the Romantic understanding of art, as Arnim’s draft titles for what became the Newspaper for Hermits show: World Loneliness, The Hermit in Society, The Hermit on a Journey. Loners and strangers, hermits and pilgrims are favored literary and pictorial figures in the works of Arnim, Tieck, Clemens Brentano, and many others.

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Audience: Literaturwissenschaftler, Kulturwissenschaftler