Test Cover Image of:  Akten der Reichskanzlei, Regierung Hitler 1933-1945

Band X 1943

Edited by: Michael Hollmann
Compiled by: Peter Keller and Hauke Marahrens

By 1943 the German conduct of the war was clearly in crisis. The defeat at Stalingrad and Allied bombing threatened to demoralize the population. The regime decided to go for broke and declare “total war.” Extensive commentary on 221 documents details the key problems besetting government policy, reveals the power structure of the “Führer state,” and shows administrative decision-making processes.

Sorgfältig ediert: Akten, die die Probleme, Entscheidungsprozesse und Ziele des Hitler-Regimes verdeutlichen.
Audience: Historiker mit Schwerpunkt Geschichte des Nationalsozialismus, Zweiter Weltkrieg, Zeitgeschichte, Bibliotheken