Test Cover Image of:  Chemistry of Nanomaterials

Volume 1 B Metallic Nanomaterials (Part B)

Edited by: S.S.R. Kumar Challa
With contributions of: Sharda Bharti, Nirmal Kumar Das, Jiwen Hu, Zhiyuan Jiang, Silvia Lampis, Huiqi Li, Shudong Lin, Saptarshi Mukherjee, Soumyo Mukherji, Suparna Mukherji, Elena Piacenza, Alessandro Presentato, Gauri Shukla, Raymond Turner, Giovanni Vallini, Zhaoxiong Xie, Linlin Xu, Jun Yang, Jiawei Zhang, Pei Zhang, and Emanuele Zonaro

This book presents latest research results on synthesis and application of metallic nanomaterials. Fabrication techniques, analytic properties, as well as theoretical aspects are discussed. Size- and shape-controlled synthesis of silver, gold, copper, ruthenium, tellurium, selenium and palladium nanoparticles are reviewed. Further topics are the synthesis from microplasma and shape-control for electrocatalytic applications.

  • The first address to refer to for the practical chemistry of Nanomaterials.
  • Only reproducible methods included.
  • With contributions from internationally renowned experts in the field.

Author Information

Kumar Challa, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA.

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Audience: Materials Scientists, Chemists, Physicists, Engineers.