Test Cover Image of:  Zur Kriminal- und Strafrechtspolitik des 21. Jahrhunderts

Zur Kriminal- und Strafrechtspolitik des 21. Jahrhunderts
21st Century Criminal and Penal Policies: The View from a Northern European Welfare State and its Criminal Code Reform: Finland

Der Blickwinkel eines nordischen Wohlfahrtsstaates und dessen Strafgesetzreformen: Finnland

Funded by: University of Helsinki

The volume brings together 18 articles published by the author between 1985 and 2017. These focus on the reforms to Finland’s Criminal Code, which were concluded in 2003 following a process lasting over 30 years. Further articles offer an insight into developments in criminal law in Scandinavia more broadly.


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Audience: Juristen, Wissenschaftler, Institute, Bibliotheken