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BAND IV Opera Minora
Minor Works – Works on Mathematics and the Natural Sciences – Texts and German Translations

Die kleinen mathematisch-naturwissenschaftlichen Schriften. Editionen, Kommentare und deutsche Übersetzungen

Contributor: Fritz Krafft
Compiled by: Menso Folkerts, Stefan Kirschner and Andreas Kühne
In collaboration with: Uwe Lück

This volume contains critical editions of all of Copernicus’s minor mathematical and scientific works with commentaries and German translations. Taking into account the latest developments in Copernicus research it includes the "Commentariolus", the "Wapowski-letter on the movement of the eighth sphere", the "Notebook in Uppsala" with Copernicus’s astronomical observations, the "Trigonometry", the "Table of sunrises and sunsets" and, for the first time, all the mathematical and scientific notes Copernicus wrote in books of his library. Furthermore Johannes Werner’s "Treatise on the movement of the eighth sphere" was critically edited and translated into German for the first time since the Editio princeps in 1522.

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Audience: Historiker mit dem Schwerpunkt Frühe Neuzeit, Wissenschaftsgeschichte.