Test Cover Image of:  Qui aura sa vie comme butin?

Qui aura sa vie comme butin?

Échos narratifs et révélation dans la lecture des oracles personnels de Jérémie

In this research, the oracles destined to five secondary characters are analyzed by reframing them synchronically into their narrative context. The book opens with two preambles, at the crossing of narrative theory, Hebrew syntax, and specificities of Jr : the characteristics and relations of the literary forms of narration and reported speech ; the different types of characters along the history of literature and the best-fitted categories for analyzing Jr’s characters. Then are studied the oracles intended for Pashhur, Ebed-Melech, Baruch, Gedaliah, and Zedekiah. The "character-effect" soon appears to be quite limited, calling for a solution situated out of the fabula to the puzzle created by the narration. The causality for the divine judgments expressed in the oracles can be reconstructed thanks to the discovery of verbal echoes and resonances between preceding oracles and the narrativization of characters. This exegetical result intersects with the theology of revelation and challenges the paradigms upon which it was built both at the beginning of Christianism and at Vatican II. The thinking of the revelation of the paternity of God can be founded anew upon a theological interpretation of the reader’s new capacities.Une analyse synchronique de Jr : comment les oracles destinés aux personnages secondaires peuvent-ils être interprétés dans leur contexte narratif ? Liant les formes littéraires du récit et du discours, s’orientant parmi les théories des personnages, ce livre découvre les limites de l’« effet-personnage » et propose une solution hors de la fabula à l’énigme de la narration. Cela conduit à renouveler la théologie de la Révélation.

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Erwan Chauty, Centre Sèvres, Paris, France.
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Audience: Theologen, Alttestamentler.