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The Horse in Premodern European Culture

Edited by: Anastasija Ropa and Timothy Dawson

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This volume provides a unique introduction to the most topical issues, advances, and challenges in medieval horse history. Medievalists who have a long-standing interest in horse history, as well as those seeking to widen their understanding of horses in medieval society will find here informed and comprehensive treatment of chapters from disciplines as diverse as archaeology, legal, economic and military history, urban and rural history, art and literature. The themes range from case studies of saddles and bridles, to hippiatric treatises, to the medieval origins of dressage literary studies. It shows the ubiquitous – and often ambiguous – role of the horse in medieval culture, where it was simultaneously a treasured animal and a means of transport, a military machine and a loyal companion. The contributors, many of whom have practical knowledge of horses, are drawn from established and budding scholars working in their areas of expertise.

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Anastasija Ropa, University of Latvia, Riga; Timothy Dawson, Leeds, UK.
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Audience: Medievalists, scholars of Social and Cultural History, Human-Animal Studies, Biology, and horse enthusiasts