Test Cover Image of:  La «Chirurgia Magna» di Bruno da Longobucco in volgare

La «Chirurgia Magna» di Bruno da Longobucco in volgare
Bruno da Longobucco’s «Chirurgia Magna» in the Vernacular: Edition of ms. Bergamo MA 501, Linguistic Commentary, Latin-Vernacular Glossary

Edizione del codice Bergamo MA 501, commento linguistico, glossario latino-volgare

This volume presents a study of the vernacular tradition of Chirurgia magna, one of the most important chirurgical treatises of the Middle Ages. Alongside an edition of the 15th-century Bergamo vernacular translation, based on ms. MA 501, it provides a historical-linguistic analysis and a glossary meant to illustrate the relationship between Latin and the vernacular in the formation of a medical terminology in the 14th and 15th centuries.

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Emanuele Ventura, Università per Stranieri di Siena, Italy.
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Audience: Academics (Romance Studies, Medieval Studies, Italian Philology, Lexicography, History of Medicine)