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Applications in Biotechnology

Series: De Gruyter STEM

This book covers the impact of microfluidics on the field of Biotechnology, including biologics manufacturing, biosensors, macromolecule purification, nucleotide sequencing, organs-on-a-chip, and stem cell manufacturing. The authors, coming from both academia and industry, provide an in-depth look into the economics, manufacturing, scale-up, regulatory affairs and future outlook for microfluidic technologies.

  • Explores regulatory pathways for microfluidic and medical devices.

  • Describes scale-up and end-to-end manufacturing processes,including technology transfer.

  • Covers on-demand and mini-biomanufacturing for point-of-care systems.

Author Information

Dr. Abhay Andar, UMBC, Baltimore, MD, USA; Ben and Mike Adelstein, Potomac Laser, Baltimore, MD, USA.
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Audience: Researchers in the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries; mechanical engineers and microfluidics engineers.