Titelbild von:  Superabsorbent Polymers

Superabsorbent Polymers

Chemical Design, Processing and Applications

Herausgegeben von: Sandra Van Vlierberghe und Arn Mignon

The book defines the differences between synthetic and natural superabsorbent polymers. It describes polymerization techniques, processing strategies and the use and importance of smart SAPs. It also includes SAP design to aid in selection of the best SAP for a specific application. The book is an indispensible resource for any academics and industrials interested in SAPs.

  • Comprehensive overview of synthetic, natural and semi-synthetic superabsorbent polymers
  • Covers various application fields


Sandra Van Vlierberghe, Arn Mignon, Ghent University, Belgium.

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Zielgruppe: Researchers and students in the area of Materials Science and Polymer Chemistry.