Titelbild von:  An American in Europe at War and Peace

An American in Europe at War and Peace

Hugh S. Gibson’s Chronicles 1918-1919

Herausgegeben von: Vivian Hux Reed
In Gemeinschaft mit: Jochen Böhler

An American in Europe at War and Peace offers a rare personal record of Hugh Gibson, a top American diplomat, during the last months of World War I and the first months of peace. The Chronicles give unique insights on events in Europe and presents Gibson’s commentary in real time with the voice of an extremely well-connected American at the epicenter of world-changing events. The source edition is introduced, annotated and edited by Vivian Reed, leading expert on Hugh Gibson, and Jochen Böhler, expert in Eastern European affairs. 


Vivian Reed, Independant Scholar; Jochen Böhler, University of Jena
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Zielgruppe: Historians working on WWI and the interwar time, historians of diplomacy and international relations