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Über Wissenschaft reden
Speaking about Science: Studies on Language Usage, Presentation, and Address in German Scientific Prose around 1800

Studien zu Sprachgebrauch, Darstellung und Adressierung in der deutschsprachigen Wissenschaftsprosa um 1800

Edited by: Claude Haas and Daniel Weidner

The volume examines the relationship between scientific self-understanding and scientific language usage in the German-speaking world around 1800. It discusses the re-founding of the university, the fraught relationship with rhetorical tradition, the presentational impact of scientific speech, and the political implications for audiences of this discourse.

Author Information

Claude Haas, ZfL, Berlin, Germany; Daniel Weidner, ZfL & HU Berlin, Germany.


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Audience: Scholars (linguistics, literary studies, philosophy, history of science, history of universities)