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§§ 328-345
Contract to the Benefit of a Third Party, Extra Benefit, Contractual Penalties

(Vertrag zugunsten Dritter, Draufgabe, Vertragsstrafe)

Compiled by: Steffen Klumpp, Volker Rieble and Manfred Löwisch

This commentary on contractual penalties unites developments in competition law, commercial tenancy law, and labor court rulings in order to provide a systematic overview of relevant legal issues. In the commentary on § 328, applicatory cases are categorized as “contracts to the benefit of third parties” or as “contracts with protective effect for the benefit of third parties.“

Edition: Neubearb.
Audience: Richter/Gerichte, Rechtsanwälte, Rechtsabteilungen, Ministerien, Professoren, Institute, Bibliotheken