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Volume 4 Le substrat roman et l’adstrat berbère dans le faisceau dialectal andalou
Romance Substratum and Berber Adstratum and Their Influence on Andalusian Arabic

The diachronic description of a language is not complete unless one considers the linguistic substrata and adstrata spoken beforehand by a population that then came to coexist with the language in question. Thus, the fourth volume of the Encyclopédie provides a detailed description of the influence exerted by the Romance substratum and the Berber adstratum on Andalusian Arabic dialects.

  • Une brève description du substrat roman de l’arabe andalou
  • Des éléments importants dans la formation diachronique de l’arabe andalou
  • Des hypothèses sur l’influence du berbère sur l’arabe andalou

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Federico Corriente and Ángeles Vicente, Zaragoza, Spain; Christophe Pereira, Paris, France.

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Audience: Academics (Arabic Studies, Romance Studies, Contact Linguistics), Institutes