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Sprache und Empathie
Language and Empathy: Contributions to the Foundation of a Linguistic Research Program

Beiträge zur Grundlegung eines linguistischen Forschungsprogramms

Edited by: Katharina Jacob, Klaus-Peter Konerding and Wolf-Andreas Liebert

Empathy has become a guiding principle in the cognitive, social, and cultural sciences. Until now, linguistics has failed to adequately address the theme, despite the fact that language and verbal interaction in human relationships are the fundamental means and vehicles for empathy. This volume includes papers from the disciplines of philosophy, ethnology, psychology, and linguistics that are essential for a future linguistics of empathy.

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Katharina Jacob and Klaus-Peter Konerding, Heidelberg University, Germany; Wolf-Andreas Liebert, University of Koblenz, Germany.
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Audience: Academics (linguistics, cognitive science, cultural studies, social sciences)