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Revisiting Aristotle’s Fragments

New Essays on the Fragments of Aristotle’s Lost Works

Edited by: António Pedro Mesquita, Simon Noriega-Olmos, and Christopher John Ignatius Shields

The philosophical and philological study of Aristotle fragments and lost works has fallen somewhat into the background since the 1960’s. This is regrettable considering the different and innovative directions the study of Aristotle has taken in the last decades. This collection of new peer-reviewed essays applies the latest developments and trends of analysis, criticism, and methodology to the study of Aristotle’s fragments. The individual essays use the fragments as tools of interpretation, shed new light on different areas of Aristotle philosophy, and lay bridges between Aristotle’s lost and extant works. The first part shows how Aristotle frames parts of his own understanding of Philosophy in his published, 'popular' work. The second part deals with issues of philosophical interpretation in Aristotle’s extant works which can be illuminated by fragments of his lost works. The philosophical issues treated in this section range from Theology to Natural Science, Psychology, Politics, and Poetics. As a whole, the book articulates a new approach to Aristotle’s lost works, by providing a reassessment and new methodological explorations of the fragments.

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António Pedro Mesquita and Simon Noriega-Olmos, Univ. of Lisbon, Portugal; Christopher Shields, Univ. of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA.

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Audience: Scholars and students of Ancient Philosophy and History of Philosophy, Classicists