Test Cover Image of:  Andreas von Hermonthis und das Kloster des Apa Hesekiel

Andreas von Hermonthis und das Kloster des Apa Hesekiel
Andrew of Hermonthis and the Monastery of Apa Ezekiel: Micro-historical investigations of church history and monastic life in the region of Armant (Upper Egypt) during the Byzantine period based on the Coptic ostraca in the Leipzig University Library (O.Lips.Copt. II.)

Mikrohistorische Untersuchungen zu Kirchengeschichte und Klosterwesen im Gebiet von Armant (Oberägypten) in byzantinischer Zeit anhand der koptischen Ostraka der Universitätsbibliothek Leipzig (O.Lips.Copt. II)

Based on the edition of nearly 600 Coptic ostraca, Frederic Krueger undertakes a papyrological examination of the Upper Egyptian monastery of Apa Ezekiel. Documents on daily life yield “micro-historical” impressions of socioeconomic aspects of monastic life along with “macro-historical” details of the life of Apa Andrew – priest, abbot, bishop, and “father of all the monks of the ecumene” (apparently: a superregional administrator of the monasteries).

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Frederic Krueger, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.
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Audience: Koptologie, Byzantinistik, Papyrologie, Ägyptologie, Epigraphik, Kirchengeschichte, Geschichte des Mönchtums